Life happens… day in and day out. Each day, we make sure that we take care of ourselves and those close to us. But we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Did you know that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month? Take this time to review your life insurance needs. If you have a policy, review your coverage to make sure it still fits your family’s current situation. Review your beneficiaries and make changes if needed. If your policy is from your employer, find out what happens to the policy if you are laid off or you leave your company. If it automatically cancels when you are dismissed from your job, think about supplementing your policy.

If you currently don’t have a policy, consider your family’s needs. If someone depends on you financially (a child, parent, spouse, etc.), you should strongly consider purchasing life insurance. Your coverage options may vary depending on your stage in life. The LIFE Foundation has an excellent article to guide you through this thought process, at whatever stage you are in life: “Who Needs Life Insurance?

Or better yet, talk to a life insurance agent. We can help you decide what is right for you.

I know many folks in the last year who have lost family members and struggle to pay their loved one’s final expenses (funeral costs, hospital bills, etc.), or find it difficult to keep up with their monthly bills without that 2nd income. This is because they put off purchasing a life insurance policy, or they let their policy lapse. If you have a policy that lapsed, contact your life insurance company. They may be able to reinstate the policy for you if you continue to be in good health.

Remember… the best life insurance policy is the one that’s in force when you’re gone.