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Gene Simmons, of rock group KISS and reality show fame, has embarked on a new career:  life insurance salesman.  He’s among many celebrities that are endorsing the importance of life insurance.

“Life insurance is a must,” Simmons says. “It’s the one thing in your life you are doing for everybody else. Once you are dead, you really don’t care, but while you are alive it is the one big, selfless thing you should be doing. And you should try to maximize the amount of money that you leave behind to your family, your loved ones and whoever else you deem.”

Straight and to the point. Read more about Simmons’ thoughts from The Street.

If you want your family to continue to live their current lifestyle if the worst happens, life insurance is a way to do that.  It’s a way of letting your legacy continue when you’re not around.  Talk to your insurance agent to help you determine your needs.


Life happens… day in and day out. Each day, we make sure that we take care of ourselves and those close to us. But we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Did you know that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month? Take this time to review your life insurance needs. If you have a policy, review your coverage to make sure it still fits your family’s current situation. Review your beneficiaries and make changes if needed. If your policy is from your employer, find out what happens to the policy if you are laid off or you leave your company. If it automatically cancels when you are dismissed from your job, think about supplementing your policy.

If you currently don’t have a policy, consider your family’s needs. If someone depends on you financially (a child, parent, spouse, etc.), you should strongly consider purchasing life insurance. Your coverage options may vary depending on your stage in life. The LIFE Foundation has an excellent article to guide you through this thought process, at whatever stage you are in life: “Who Needs Life Insurance?

Or better yet, talk to a life insurance agent. We can help you decide what is right for you.

I know many folks in the last year who have lost family members and struggle to pay their loved one’s final expenses (funeral costs, hospital bills, etc.), or find it difficult to keep up with their monthly bills without that 2nd income. This is because they put off purchasing a life insurance policy, or they let their policy lapse. If you have a policy that lapsed, contact your life insurance company. They may be able to reinstate the policy for you if you continue to be in good health.

Remember… the best life insurance policy is the one that’s in force when you’re gone.

About a month after the 9/11 attacks, I was able to see first hand the damage done at Ground Zero: the makeshift memorials of those who were never heard from after the event, and the large hole in the ground where the towers used to stand.

Eight months after the attacks in May 2002, I had the opportunity to attend the candlelight vigil of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial . This is an annual event held in Washington, D.C. This particular year highlighted the fallen heroes of the attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93, and there was a record number of visitors — standing room only!  It was a very emotional, yet uplifiting, moment for all those present.

More recently, in 2007, I vacationed in New York City and revisited Ground Zero and viewed the 9/11 memorials. At the same visit, I went to the NYPD Museum and experienced the memorial, which included a video tribute, for the officers who responded to the WTC attacks.

Eight years later, each memory or visual of the 9/11 attacks still makes me emotional. I’m sure everyone remembers what they were doing that morning. I remember driving to work (I had a 30 minute commute at the time) and listening to the various radio stations covering the catastrophe. I didn’t see any of the tv footage so I didn’t realize how extensive this was. About 20 minutes into my commute, I get a call from my sister who was in New Jersey on business at the time. She asked me if I had heard the news about the attacks. She then told me that she was supposed to be on Flight 93, which was to arrive in San Francisco.  I believe it was by divine providence that her project was delayed and she had to spend an extra day or two in NJ. It wasn’t until I got into work and saw the news coverage that I realized – had her project been on schedule I might not have seen her again…

I can’t imagine how those who actually lost someone in that catastrophe feel each year at this time. I am remembering today those who lost their lives while going about their normal day, especially those who put their life on the line to save the others. Thank you for your courage and heroism. I continue to pray for the families and friends they leave behind.

No one has greater love than this,

to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. -John 15:13

It’s during times like these that we should take the time to appreciate our loved ones who are still living, and memorialize those who have gone before us. Regardless of how they passed, they somehow made an impact on our life. This is also a good time to think about the legacy we will leave, whether it’s through an estate, will, foundation, etc. Contact your family attorney or financial advisor to help with your estate planning. Many banks and credit unions also have departments that can help or can refer you to someone. The credit union I belong to holds seminars that educate their customers on estate planning. Your insurance agent can help you get started with a life insurance policy. It’s a very simple way to start that legacy.

Love endures all things!

You’ve heard the bible passage that starts, “Love is patient, love is kind…”.  The first book of Corinthians, chapter 13, is one of my favorite chapters in the bible, because it defines LOVE.  But we don’t love only because the bible tells us to, philosophers and psychologists have acknowledged that:

It is basic human nature that love  motivates us to be who we are and how we act towards each other.

When we love someone, we do everything for them, from providing for them materially to offering emotional support. Basically, we are willing to give our life for them — all because of love!

But what happens to those we love after we’re gone? We may have experienced loss personally or know someone who has. Were they prepared?  It’s hard to think about. It’s hard for ME to write about! But sooner or later we have to think about the consequences. When we’re gone, we can no longer provide for those we love without using Whoopi Goldberg to get through to them. 🙂

We can start now by planning how to support those we love, and how to provide for them long after we’re gone. There’s estate planning, wills and life insurance. These are ways that love can endure things, even after death. Yes, I am an insurance professional, but I’m a daughter, sister, niece and friend first, and I would hate for something to happen to a relative or friend, and feel like I didn’t do anything to help you prepare.  It’s never too early to start planning. Do it for those you love.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so this is a good time to  work with your insurance agent or financial advisor to analyze your current situation.  And remember, your insurance needs may change as the years go by, so make this a regular practice!

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